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Baby Melissa is born
10th May 2003
Caroline and Warren have an additional member to their family - a baby girl, Melissa born on April 7th at 8am.
At last In May we had the chance to see both my cousins, Melissa and Matthew 
because I came down with a terrible virus which took ages to get rid off!! 
Here she is, looking gorgeous and Matthew is walking about fast!!

Melissa-01.jpg (46548 bytes) Melissa-02.jpg (61560 bytes)
2003-05-10-10.jpg (32518 bytes)
She's lovely...
2003-05-10-01.jpg (36442 bytes)
....I'll tell you a few secrets, Mellissa.
2003-05-10-02.jpg (42288 bytes)
Matthew and I, in our pyjamas!
2003-05-10-09.jpg (29963 bytes)
Mummy thinks she's cute
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2003-05-10-03.jpg (54709 bytes) 2003-05-10-04.jpg (50363 bytes)

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