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Bunny Park
13th September 2003

When Kamu masi (Mummy's sister) came from Kenya 
we decided to go to the Bunny park in Hanwell.

It has a fantastic maze which I love and we also
had a picnic. Daddy was pleased because he found his road!!

Guess what - The Bunny Park is on Alwyne Road!!!!

This is a very steep climb but we make it up

13Sept2003-01.jpg (93561 bytes)
I've found a conker shell
13Sept2003-05.jpg (63725 bytes)
No ducks in this river
13Sept2003-02.jpg (93648 bytes)
The river is so calm
13Sept2003-04.jpg (107241 bytes)
Mummy and I go down
13Sept2003-07.jpg (93198 bytes)
I want to go this way!!!
13Sept2003-06.jpg (100995 bytes)
Everyone follow Dylan
13Sept2003-08.jpg (98118 bytes)
I look really happy here!
13Sept2003-11.jpg (117159 bytes)
Aunty's showing me something interesting
13Sept2003-09.jpg (90262 bytes)
Mummy's going to buy the ice-creams
13Sept2003-10.jpg (60467 bytes)
Yummy! Can I taste yours, daddy?

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The Bunny Park's Maze is awesome, I ran in there so many times!!

13Sept2003-12.jpg (86153 bytes) 13Sept2003-13.jpg (85960 bytes)
13Sept2003-16.jpg (126139 bytes) 13Sept2003-17.jpg (114363 bytes)
13Sept2003-15.jpg (73843 bytes)
I'm there at last!
13Sept2003-14.jpg (69264 bytes)
We've found the center of the maze
13Sept2003-19.jpg (93870 bytes)
All my Aunties and Uncle....
13Sept2003-18.jpg (115222 bytes)
.....having a picnic!

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