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Housewarming Party in Sandgate
September 6th 2003

Sean and Jean decided to move to Sandgate, near Folkestone and
held a house-warming party for all their friends.

I was happy to go as I could meet Joseph and Lara and
also see the beach! Leela had a great time flying her kite, while
Meghan swam in the cold sea! She was brave.

We stayed the night and went to the adventure playground, had a long
walk to Folkestone then stopped for drinks.

Joe and I have race up the ramp
Sandgate-05.jpg (66378 bytes)
Mummy's boy
Sandgate-06.jpg (81537 bytes)
Say cheese
Sandgate-08.jpg (93755 bytes)
Everyone's hungry after a walk...
Sandgate-10.jpg (90791 bytes)
.....time for yummy chips!!
Sandgate-09.jpg (67544 bytes)
Jean with Kevin and Julie
Sandgate-07.jpg (57319 bytes)
Wow, look at all those boats!

This is a fantastic adventure playground, with so much to do!!!
Sandgate-01.jpg (157193 bytes)
I love this wobbly bridge

Sandgate-04.jpg (74084 bytes)
I'm taller than daddy!