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Aunty Alice from Africa

3rd April 2004

Aunty Alice from Africa came to stay on Mayday weekend and we had
also invited Aunty Wiv and Uncle Reg and the rest of the family for dinner.

Aunty Alice is so much fun and she makes me laugh.
From Africa, she brought me many books to read too.

Aunty Alice and I are very close friends

she likes to give me big cuddles

Off I go to play

I throw a balloon towards Aunty Alice

Uncle Reg and Aunty Wiv are cool

The two sisters deep in talk

Aunty Wiv is another favorite of mine

Melissa plays with mummy

Grandpa plays cards, Warren looks tired?

horizontal rule

The children have a great time with the balloons!!

Melissa learns to play the music station!!!

Matthew's giving us a funny look! I love little Melissa, she is so cuddly!