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Dymchurch Railway
29th August 2004

On Bank Holiday, when the family came to stay in Hythe
we took them to Hythe and Dymchurch Railway.

I loved the ride and also seeing the different trains.
Matthew and Melissa enjoyed it too!

The driver explains how the trains work - it's fascinating!

29August2004-21.jpg (64822 bytes)
I listen carefully
29August2004-06.jpg (81925 bytes)
There he goes chugging along
29August2004-01.jpg (73423 bytes)
We all sit inside one of the trains..
29August2004-02.jpg (62520 bytes)
...which is heading towards New Romney
29August2004-23.jpg (38723 bytes) 29August2004-05.jpg (63467 bytes)
29August2004-04.jpg (81931 bytes)
A lion has escaped at Dymchurch Station
29August2004-03.jpg (67850 bytes)
He enjoyed waving to us
29August2004-07.jpg (75374 bytes) 29August2004-10.jpg (82344 bytes)
29August2004-08.jpg (76305 bytes) 29August2004-25.jpg (88573 bytes)
29August2004-09.jpg (89870 bytes)
New Romney Station
29August2004-11.jpg (94506 bytes)
We head towards the beach
29August2004-12.jpg (96882 bytes)
It is so windy
29August2004-14.jpg (80808 bytes)
Mummy tries to tickle me
29August2004-24.jpg (56322 bytes)
It's very cloudy and cold
29August2004-16.jpg (53556 bytes)
but I enjoy my running
29August2004-17.jpg (44687 bytes)
Back on the train, I'm the driver...
29August2004-18.jpg (44147 bytes)
....all aboard and hold tight!
29August2004-20.jpg (47871 bytes)
Mummy looks exhausted
29August2004-19.jpg (61291 bytes)
The D'Souza family look tired too.