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Xmas Play
17th December 2004

Mummy came see to my Xmas play called The Hopeless Camel.
I was one of the Narrator and I had to read a long 
paragraph. She said it was a brilliant play! 

I take a fab Picture of the Christmas Nativity 

17Dec2004-15.jpg (49336 bytes)
I love to play the drums

17Dec2004-14.jpg (48466 bytes)
I played it after every one left 

17Dec2004-09.jpg (43060 bytes)
We are the Hopeless Camels, Mali.... 

17Dec2004-08.jpg (42942 bytes)
...Myself, Max, Carla, Mary-Anne and Lucy

17Dec2004-05.jpg (44338 bytes)
We all wiggle our tails...

17Dec2004-06.jpg (45387 bytes)
....and watch the shepherds go by 

17Dec2004-22.jpg (41662 bytes)
We sing the Very Hopeless Camel

17Dec2004-21.jpg (57076 bytes)
then wait to narrate the play

17Dec2004-23.jpg (33268 bytes)
I smile while all my friends sing! 

17Dec2004-11.jpg (30788 bytes)
This is Carla, who gives a great big smile

17Dec2004-13.jpg (47136 bytes)
Phew, needed a drink after that play...

17Dec2004-12.jpg (53994 bytes)
...too much singing!!

Our School Xmas tree in the hallway - there's me going to the class