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Anish and Anika
21st December 2004

Congaratulations to Ashwin and Raksha, proud parents of Anika

I have another new cousin, Anika, a pretty little girl.
Mummy's neice, Raksha had Anika in October and Anish is a proud brother!

Anika and Anish chat to each other 

21Dec2004-14.jpg (49050 bytes)
Mummy tries to get her to smile....

21Dec2004-31.jpg (42526 bytes)
.....but she wants to watch the TV!!!!

21Dec2004-19.jpg (54958 bytes)
The Four Cousins

21Dec2004-32.jpg (40517 bytes)
Anish plays hide & seek with his sister

21Dec2004-06.jpg (43008 bytes) 21Dec2004-04.jpg (45667 bytes)

21Dec2004-10.jpg (42139 bytes)
Anika looks so tiny & pretty....

21Dec2004-08.jpg (35500 bytes)
.....in her cool outfit!!

21Dec2004-22.jpg (52269 bytes)
Anika and her proud mummy!

21Dec2004-29.jpg (48515 bytes)
Rakshaben with a handful!!

21Dec2004-05.jpg (49840 bytes)
Anish and I say "cheese"

21Dec2004-25.jpg (42975 bytes)
"Christmas is coming", Anish says to us!

21Dec2004-03.jpg (56964 bytes)
Anika stares at me....  

21Dec2004-07.jpg (71903 bytes)
...and she till watches me!!!

21Dec2004-26.jpg (46431 bytes)
Daddy shows Anish how to Build the puzzle

21Dec2004-27.jpg (37409 bytes)]
Anish asks, what is this????

21Dec2004-23.jpg (37380 bytes)
Anish eats his Chili and Garlic Crisps

21Dec2004-30.jpg (40392 bytes)
My Mummy and Anika

21Dec2004-33.jpg (39719 bytes) 21Dec2004-24.jpg (46938 bytes)

21Dec2004-15.jpg (42199 bytes)
The little princess...

21Dec2004-09.jpg (37173 bytes)
....looking cool!