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Christmas Day - 2004
25th December 2004

On Christmas Day, I missed grandma and grandpa. It was a bit sad.
 They were far away, spending Christmas in Goa!

However Uncle Ian brought his XBox, so I had a wild time playing
 many games - especially Indiana Jones adventures!!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

I like my Christmas Tree -  Its cool!!

26Dec2004-07.jpg (38720 bytes)
Mummy, can I open this one....

26Dec2004-08.jpg (40900 bytes)
.......and this one, please??

26Dec2004-09.jpg (60828 bytes)
Yes, this one looks like a car!

26Dec2004-06.jpg (43530 bytes)
I think Santa has brought many presents!

Game boy station from  Nikesh- it is great!!

26Dec2004-02.jpg (49844 bytes)
My Daddy gives a strange smile