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Boxing Day
26th December 2004

On Boxing Day we had Caroline, Warren, Ian and the children 
over to open our Christmas presents at last!

It was also Ian's BIG 40th Birthday celebration 
and he had many candles to blow!!!

Happy 40th Birthday to Ian!!!

I made some lovely Birthday cards for Uncle Ian

26Dec2004-12.jpg (39430 bytes)
Uncle Ian opens his presents

26Dec2004-20.jpg (39650 bytes)
Does Shrek remind you of someone - Ian??

26Dec2004-10.jpg (46924 bytes)
Melissa gives her daddy a cuddle

26Dec2004-04.jpg (42008 bytes)
Ian shows me a trick to play on people 

26Dec2004-09.jpg (60828 bytes)
Time to open the presents at last!!!!

26Dec2004-16.jpg (44837 bytes)
Fabulous, Downfall Game

26Dec2004-13.jpg (45816 bytes)
Matthew looks surprised!

26Dec2004-21.jpg (63536 bytes)
Melissa seems to like her Noddy book! 

26Dec2004-17.jpg (48028 bytes)
What's this I wonder....

26Dec2004-19.jpg (32080 bytes)
....Scooby Doo T-Shirt - fantastic!!

26Dec2004-03.jpg (62551 bytes)
What have you got, Matthew?

26Dec2004-23.jpg (47102 bytes)
It's all too much for Melissa !