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Isaac's 7th Birthday
8th December 2004

Isaacs 7th birthday was fabulous! 
Fleur, his Mummy treated him with a 10-Pin Bowling Party in Ashford.

I must say that I, plus all his friends enjoyed it extremely!!!!

Everyone sings "Happy Birthday" to Isaac

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This cake is Called Spider man 2

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Isaac blows the 7 Candles

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I had Hot Dog and Chips

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Jamie looks very happy indeed 

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Harry and Isaac tuck in

isaac7-24.jpg (59214 bytes)
Travis and Jesse are chatty 

isaac7-16.jpg (46752 bytes)
Isaac and I play with the laptop

isaac7-14.jpg (44893 bytes)
 Neana gives a smile 

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Now it's time for a real Bowling Match between the two teams!

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Thomas is in my team  

isaac7-01.jpg (50500 bytes)
small blue one for me, I think!

isaac7-02.jpg (40386 bytes)
Can I get a strike - YES!!!!   

isaac7-05.jpg (62946 bytes)
it's Oscars turn, can he do well?

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Isaac points something to Harry 

isaac7-06.jpg (58706 bytes)
We all look up at the Screen for points

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Can't wait for my turn - Harry next

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Jesse and Elle in the other team 

isaac7-30.jpg (42858 bytes)
Neana gets ready to bowl with the blue ball

isaac7-15.jpg (66386 bytes)
Travis is ready when Max skids on the floor

isaac7-28.jpg (46669 bytes)
 Oscar and Baby Oscar watch the game

isaac7-03.jpg (42718 bytes)
I think he wants to have a go!

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This is almost all my school friends

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"The Comical Dozen!"
Travis - Isaac - Harry -George - Jamie - Max

Elle - Jesse - Dylan - Neana - Thomas - Oscar