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A trip to London Victoria
1st February 2004

I was dying to go to the Pizza Hut at Victoria but I only had pasta
as I wasn't in the mood to eat. I also had sweetcorn!

Later we visited the Westminster Cathedral which is a lovely place.
I always go here with my grandparents to pray.

Mummy stood outside the Apollo theatre where she had gone
to see Bombay Dreams with Mala - she enjoyed it very much!

vic06.jpg (54803 bytes)
Oooh!!! - Mummy's hot Pizza!!!
vic07.jpg (42657 bytes)
Daddy's pizza isn't tasty either!
vic05.jpg (76507 bytes)
"Bombay Dreams"
vic03.jpg (70360 bytes)
London Victoria station - very busy!
vic01.jpg (80042 bytes)
Westminster Cathedral
vic02.jpg (86724 bytes)
Can you see me at the door?

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