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Dylan's 6th Birthday - 2004
25th June 2004

On Friday after School we celebrated my 6th Birthday by holding
 a tea party for few of my close friends.

It was a lovely sunny day and we had a fantastic time!!

It was also a sad day for me as we were moving house soon and
I knew that I would miss all my friends.

My wicked football cake
6thBirthday-01.jpg (64842 bytes)
Mummy decorated....
6thBirthday-03.jpg (67729 bytes)
...and prepared all this - wow!
6thBirthday-19.jpg (45745 bytes)
I've made my wish! 
6thBirthday-21.jpg (56515 bytes)
Alex and Meghan watch as I cut the cake
6thBirthday-26.jpg (48058 bytes)
6thBirthday-27.jpg (46543 bytes)
Can we eat now?
6thBirthday-20.jpg (47180 bytes)
Meghan, Anastasia, Charlie and Leela...
6thBirthday-22.jpg (32120 bytes)
.....and my friend Daniel
6thBirthday-04.jpg (82579 bytes)
Anastasia and I play with the balls
6thBirthday-05.jpg (87715 bytes)
Hmmm this cake is yummy
6thBirthday-23.jpg (50812 bytes)
Leela tucks into Mickey Mouse Jelly
6thBirthday-25.jpg (50398 bytes)
and Meghan giggles on!

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Time for lots of games after our yummy food

6thBirthday-06.jpg (101152 bytes)
Pass the Parcel is great fun
6thBirthday-08.jpg (87413 bytes)
My turn to unwrap for a chocies
6thBirthday-07.jpg (87137 bytes)
6thBirthday-16.jpg (68354 bytes)
Isobel and Jo sit and relax
6thBirthday-15.jpg (78414 bytes)
What's Anastasia up to?
6thBirthday-17.jpg (89087 bytes)
Daniel and I play hide and seek
6thBirthday-13.jpg (84942 bytes)
We play "it" game...
6thBirthday-12.jpg (92191 bytes)
and Charlie is on, so he uses the green stick!
6thBirthday-14.jpg (90759 bytes)
Let's see if this aeroplane flies or not
6thBirthday-28.jpg (101886 bytes)
Daniel reckons he's the monster
6thBirthday-09.jpg (62943 bytes)
Kiran is happy on Sue's lap
6thBirthday-18.jpg (61071 bytes)
Mummy thinks he's very cute indeed
6thBirthday-24.jpg (57626 bytes) 6thBirthday-29.jpg (62607 bytes)

Here we all are - the very good bunch!!