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Last visit to The Taj
26th June 2004

Before our move to Hythe, we had to make our
last visit to The Taj Mahal Restaurant and say goodbye to the chaps!

The drinks were on them and that was very sweet of them,
although we did promise to see them again one day!!

The good ol' chaps who have served us for so long

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Cheers to The Taj
26June2004-04.jpg (68369 bytes)
Hmmm - I do agree
26June2004-05.jpg (70613 bytes)
Well the food has arrived....
26June2004-08.jpg (73749 bytes)
so let's tuck in like Dylan has!
26June2004-07.jpg (38483 bytes)
26June2004-06.jpg (42154 bytes)
My favorite Dhansak
26June2004-11.jpg (55694 bytes)
As we wait for the afters.....
26June2004-01.jpg (44084 bytes)
Dylan and I play Noughts + Crosses
26June2004-10.jpg (41917 bytes) 26June2004-02.jpg (46081 bytes)

I shall blow out the candles as it's my birthday treat