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Dylan's 6th Birthday
27th June 2004

On Sunday, my cousins Matthew and Melissa came
over with many presents for my birthday!!!

And I had another cake and candle to blow,
so I asked for Matthew to help - he was really pleased.

27June2004-01.jpg (53502 bytes)
Yum I like this chocolate cake!!!

27June2004-02.jpg (56213 bytes)
I can't eat this candle lets take it off 

27June2004-04.jpg (72668 bytes)
I wander What this is...

27June2004-05.jpg (75404 bytes)
It is a Easel what a surprise  

27June2004-06.jpg (53173 bytes)
Help me this is heavy don't stand there  

27June2004-07.jpg (58204 bytes)
Mum what is these I want to play it 

27June2004-08.jpg (45311 bytes)
What is wrong Mellissa hey!!!   

27June2004-09.jpg (37314 bytes)
Ian and Joe chats about Jenga