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Soccer Club - 3rd June 2004
3rd June 2004

During the half term holiday I joined the Soccer Club and it was cool!
I really enjoyed learning new football skills from my instructor, 
Aaron Smith. I love football and know so much already!

My football gear was fantastic and daddy bought me new boots - 
they looked cool along with my new England shirt!

Had a tough game - Arsenal v England 

We were in the England team and miserably lost!

Mark and I chat about the game

3rdJune04-04.jpg (62071 bytes)
Better luck next time....

3rdJune04-07.jpg (80254 bytes)
....but Alexander is deeply disappointed

3rdJune04-14.jpg (85115 bytes)
He hides behind the tree for some time

3rdJune04-01.jpg (78765 bytes)
Maurice looks exhausted

3rdJune04-05.jpg (60144 bytes)
Mark and I have different battle...

3rdJune04-06.jpg (86295 bytes)
.....to see who's the strongest!!

3rdJune04-09.jpg (75438 bytes)
Charlie shows us his toy

3rdJune04-08.jpg (74013 bytes)
It's a new car

3rdJune04-13.jpg (69829 bytes)
Where's Alex?

3rdJune04-10.jpg (86145 bytes)
Charlie seems pleased to visit us

3rdJune04-15.jpg (46588 bytes)
At home I show Grandpa how we played

3rdJune04-16.jpg (52297 bytes)
Red card for Granpa