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Soccer Club - 4th June 2004
4th June 2004

Our 2nd day in the Soccer Club was a total victory, because our team won!!
Hooray and Yipee, we were all so happy about the score.

I was in the Man. Utd team against England.

Christian and I are very chuffed to receive our medals and certificates!

Here's Bryce, Alexander and Christian with me

We have a warm up game at the beginning

Nushratali, Mark and I do a bit of tackling

4thJune04-05.jpg (83646 bytes)
Mark decides to hog the ball

4thJune04-06.jpg (81467 bytes)
and bounces it on the ground!

4thJune04-11.jpg (79371 bytes)
We all collect a ball for our proper game

4thJune04-12.jpg (69974 bytes)
and learn new skills and games

4thJune04-08.jpg (68784 bytes)
We're off to play

4thJune04-04.jpg (50885 bytes)
There's me in the red

4thJune04-13.jpg (149739 bytes)
After finishing, we throw our shirts
in the air!

4thJune04-14.jpg (131280 bytes)
Mr Smith hands out our medal and certificates

4thJune04-18.jpg (73522 bytes) 4thJune04-20.jpg (78227 bytes)
4thJune04-21.jpg (79899 bytes) 4thJune04-19.jpg (73230 bytes)

4thJune04-16.jpg (80184 bytes)
Alexander and Bryce show off their medals

4thJune04-24.jpg (78805 bytes)
There's our instructor, Mr. Aaron Smith

4thJune04-09.jpg (84087 bytes)
Miss Elliot with her son

4thJune04-23.jpg (77766 bytes)
Isobel and Alexander looking very pleased!

4thJune04-25.jpg (55577 bytes)
Crystal Palace 1 - Arsenal 0

4thJune04-26.jpg (41019 bytes)
I take a picture of mummy at home