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Sunny day for playtime
6th June 2004

It was such a hot sunny day and when the family came round, we
decided to play my favorite game - Football!!

I had a great time and so did Matthew with his CD!!
We had Melissa, Caroline and Mummy as our supporting fans.

Ian has the ball, he try's to shoot it in the goal - is he going to score?????

No - he's missed it, so Warren has a go
6June2004-11.jpg (102244 bytes)
warren takes a penalty and Ian watches   
6June2004-12.jpg (104319 bytes)
yes!!!!! warren scores what a goal 
6June2004-19.jpg (88249 bytes)
Dylan takes penalty come on!!!!!      
6June2004-18.jpg (110208 bytes)
and he saves it but Dylan try's to score again   
6June2004-07.jpg (73292 bytes)]
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