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Daddy's birthday - 2004

13th March 2004

It was Daddy's birthday so we went to our favorite 
restaurant- The Taj Mahal once again!

We met a nice man, total stranger sitting next to us, who wanted to 
pay for all our drinks as he had won some money on a horse race!
It was such a kind gesture and he was very friendly.

Daddy and I try to keep awake as it's bedtime - well mine really!

The Taj-05.jpg (37773 bytes)
Daddy looks tired and.....

The Taj-02.jpg (55305 bytes)
...mummy doesn't know what to eat first!

The Taj-01.jpg (35248 bytes)
She's enjoying the Jalfrezi.... 

The Taj-09.jpg (34142 bytes)
....I've got my usual Korma

The Taj-04.jpg (56327 bytes)
Hmmm - that was delicious!

The Taj-08.jpg (36500 bytes)
Oh dear daddy - we've only got 2 mints!!

I'd love some more water and ice please