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Visit to Kent
15th and 16th May 2004

We went to our house in Kent to work again and I also enjoyed the beach.
Daddy did a lot of gardening and mummy helped with my bedroom

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I collect the best pebbles...

hythe-05.jpg (48011 bytes)
.....and daddy approves

hythe-03.jpg (71011 bytes) hythe-10.jpg (35153 bytes)

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This pebble looks good on my nose...

hythe-06.jpg (44084 bytes)
...what do you think, dad?

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horizontal rule

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I'm sleeping all by myself....

hythe-13.jpg (47199 bytes)
.....in my new bedroom!

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I've got a wicked Beyblade duvet...

hythe-16.jpg (44350 bytes)
....with a matching pillow!!