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Matthew's 3rd Birthday
19th November 2004

It's my cousin Matthew's birthday and I can't believe he's 3 years old!
Grandma bought a delicious Scooby Dooby Doo cake for him.
He was shy to blow the candles but keen to cut the cake!!

The flames are HOT YELLOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19Nov2004-12.jpg (97278 bytes)
Matthew has a big smile for us

19Nov2004-07.jpg (108395 bytes)
Doesn't Scooby Doo cake look fab!

19Nov2004-06.jpg (56126 bytes) 19Nov2004-05.jpg (36779 bytes)

19Nov2004-13.jpg (94019 bytes)
I help Matthew with the candles

19nov2004-20.jpg (44332 bytes)
and Melissa joins in too!

19Nov2004-14.jpg (84957 bytes) 19Nov2004-04.jpg (54788 bytes)

19Nov2004-15.jpg (77722 bytes)
He does a good job at cutting

19Nov2004-16.jpg (73585 bytes)
One slice for me

Grandma and grandpa with Caroline, Warren

19Nov2004-09.jpg (108397 bytes)
I stand with Mummy and Uncle Ian

19Nov2004-19.jpg (40425 bytes)
What's Melissa up to with the batteries??