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School Open Evening
24th November 2004

At our Open Evening I got the chance to show Mummy and Daddy
all my hard work. I had so many books and we spent 
an hour looking through them!!

I show Daddy all my hard work starting from August till December

24nov2004-08.jpg (42466 bytes)
Mrs Sayer, my class teacher

24nov2004-05.jpg (59978 bytes)
This is my fantastic classroom

24nov2004-09.jpg (41912 bytes)
Mummy looks through all my books

24nov2004-10.jpg (46874 bytes)
....but I show her our table's fluffy dog!

24nov2004-07.jpg (54324 bytes)
I showed Daddy my literacy book

24nov2004-01.jpg (56086 bytes)
He loved my stories and joined writing

24nov2004-04.jpg (55222 bytes) 24nov2004-03.jpg (56367 bytes)

I think Mummy and Daddy were quite impressed!!!