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The Twins 7th Birthday
29th November 2004

Jamie and Max's 7th birthday was so cool!!
Emma and Tony (mum + dad) treated them to the 
Kid's Safari Party in Dover!!

All my school friends and I ran riot here and had so much fun!!
There were also games and lots of yummy food for after!!!

Enjoying our cool Ice-cream, as the birthday cakes appear!

29nov2004-08.jpg (63435 bytes)
This is Max......

29nov2004-01.jpg (49922 bytes)
......and this is Jamie!

29nov2004-17.jpg (55149 bytes)
Max makes a wish....

29nov2004-18.jpg (59356 bytes)
....then blows all the 7 candles!

29nov2004-19.jpg (70731 bytes)
The Power Rangers cake looked tasty

29nov2004-02.jpg (61611 bytes)
Jamie also made his wishes!

29nov2004-16.jpg (42905 bytes)
I'm still enjoying the yummy cakes

29nov2004-13.jpg (56528 bytes)
Oscar, (twins brother) enjoys the party too!

29nov2004-10.jpg (65851 bytes)
Carla and Emma give a big smile

29nov2004-11.jpg (55418 bytes)
George, Travis and Oscar tuck in

29nov2004-09.jpg (43645 bytes)
Charlie looks bemused

29nov2004-07.jpg (56488 bytes)
He and Isaac have a chat

29nov2004-04.jpg (64951 bytes)
Sam and Jesse make jokes at lunchtime

29nov2004-03.jpg (64048 bytes)
More drinks for everyone!

29nov2004-12.jpg (46802 bytes)
Fleur chats with the boys

29nov2004-15.jpg (50175 bytes)
Harry's mum and Emma in deep chitchat!