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Harvest Festival
15th October 2004

On Harvest Festival Day, all the classes had some songs and play 
to perform. I was so delighted that mummy 
was coming to watch us perform "The Little Red Hen."

Kellen, a boy in my class, wrote the excellent story! 

Year 2 - Naena and Isabelle carry the "Little Red Hen"

15Oct2004-02.jpg (60032 bytes)
I'm at the back beside Thomas and Jamie

15Oct2004-01.jpg (53399 bytes)
Mrs Cooper and Mrs Chisnell take our class

15Oct2004-05.jpg (53726 bytes)
I believe we did well

15Oct2004-04.jpg (57271 bytes)
Travis & Oscar sing as Mrs Parnell watches

15Oct2004-09.jpg (45185 bytes)
Mrs Parnell thanks everyone for attending

15Oct2004-06.jpg (49961 bytes)
Many parents came to watch

15Oct2004-11.jpg (51466 bytes)
Year 2 Class return to the classroom

15Oct2004-10.jpg (46373 bytes)
Year 3 - The Pumpkin