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Zippy adventures
21st October 2004 - Written by Dylan

My teacher gives us Zippy to take home. It was my turn today!
 I have to write a story about Zippy's adventures in the house

Zippy and I make a pizza for dinner

zippy-01.jpg (54717 bytes)
yum!!! yum!!! these look yummy

zippy-02.jpg (62300 bytes)
what are these. They look strange???

zippy-03.jpg (44067 bytes)
I'm going to finish these all

zippy-05.jpg (48956 bytes)
I'm to Big to fit my head in the Milk

zippy-07.jpg (69128 bytes)
We prepare all the ingredients

zippy-08.jpg (91505 bytes)
Zippy can't wait to eat!

zippy-09.jpg (94217 bytes)
Mummy says I'm such a good cook...

zippy-10.jpg (84220 bytes)
...just like Zippy

zippy-12.jpg (84061 bytes)
I feed Zippy

zippy-11.jpg (91590 bytes)
He is so hungry

All mine now!!