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My 1st Palace Game -  2004
23rd October 2004

At last - my chance to go to my first Palace match! 
We are playing West Brom and I can't wait.
It's pouring down with rain and really freezing but its worth it.

We get there early to watch the players doing their warming up exercises.

Dylan-Palace-04.jpg (44743 bytes)
Palace are doing a lot a attacking

Dylan-Palace-03.jpg (42353 bytes)
Yes!! Fitz Hall puts us 1-0 up

Dylan-Palace-06.jpg (30641 bytes)
I watch carefully as Andy Johnson scores a penalty to put us 2-0 up

Dylan-Palace-07.jpg (58341 bytes)
Half time - I can have my hot dog!

In the second half Andy Johnson scored another goal to make it 3-0.
And here he so nearly scored yet another - what a brilliant game it was.

Wow, I had a Super duper time!
Dah, dah, dah, dah, - Andy Johnson,   Dah, dah, dah, dah, - Andy Johnson

Thanks dad - Can we go again?