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Dover Castle
2nd October 2004 - Written by Dylan

I wanted to go to Dover castle so daddy took me there. I

Dover2oct2004-01.jpg (43795 bytes)
this is a big hill but I manage to do it
Dover2oct2004-03.jpg (42321 bytes)
Dover2oct2004-02.jpg (48057 bytes)
it looks a long way down there!!!!
Dover2oct2004-05.jpg (62036 bytes)
I'm going to get you with my engine 
Dover2oct2004-06.jpg (58566 bytes)
it is fun on this I like it!!
Dover2oct2004-12.jpg (36852 bytes)
what is down there I wander??
Dover2oct2004-08.jpg (41144 bytes)
I'm on a roof, cool it is a long way 
Dover2oct2004-07.jpg (53105 bytes)
that house looks like tomb radar one
Dover2oct2004-09.jpg (58782 bytes)
I'm going to climb it watch!!!!!
Dover2oct2004-11.jpg (57589 bytes)
this is taller than me wow!!!!!

hear trouble stand out of the way quick!!!!!