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George's 7th Birthday
9th October 2004

George from my class celebrates his 7th birthday
with a Magician as an entertainment.

 We all have a wild time because the Magician is so good!

George-23.jpg (57037 bytes)
George's Caterpillar cake
George-27.jpg (55873 bytes)
Looks yummy
George-24.jpg (50481 bytes)
George's dad lights the candles
George-26.jpg (53628 bytes)
Everyone sings 'Happy Birthday'
George-25.jpg (52304 bytes)
We all wait for a piece of cake
George-17.jpg (68818 bytes)
Isaac and mum, Fleur
George-15.jpg (75962 bytes)
Sue has prepared some lovely food
George-16.jpg (72610 bytes)
We all tuck in, outside in the garden
George-18.jpg (66213 bytes)
Finley and George
George-19.jpg (70427 bytes)
Tommy and Oscar chat over orange juice

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The Magician was a great entertainment for us kids!!
He was full of laughs

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George-02.jpg (57027 bytes) George-04.jpg (56978 bytes)
George-06.jpg (50677 bytes) George-09.jpg (46948 bytes)
George-07.jpg (55836 bytes)
Naena and Oscar wait for more tricks
George-12.jpg (47255 bytes)
Isaac and Harry enjoy their lollies!
George-11.jpg (43448 bytes)
The magician makes balloon shapes
George-13.jpg (62082 bytes)
and Dylan waits patiently for his sword!
George-08.jpg (35984 bytes)
Finley ready to play
George-14.jpg (40380 bytes)
Dylan is ready for a battle
George-20.jpg (44857 bytes)
The magician displays a trick to Sue
George-22.jpg (49088 bytes)
She gives up and Bob has a go!