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Dymchurch Beach
12th September 2004

Here are some more pictures of my friends, Alex and Charlie and myself
at Dymchurch beach when they decided to stay in Kent.

We had donkey rides TWICE and Daddy called us the 3 Musketeers but  
Mummy thought we looked like 3 little monkeys!!!!

This is Barney - my donkey, he's cool!

12Sept2004-33.jpg (64716 bytes)
Ready to go, cute one....
12Sept2004-43.jpg (59396 bytes)
....but Jose feeds him first
12Sept2004-34.jpg (50355 bytes)
Come on Barney
12Sept2004-35.jpg (57058 bytes)
Let's win the race!
12Sept2004-37.jpg (63234 bytes)
After turning around, Alex gets left behind
12Sept2004-38.jpg (65351 bytes)
He catches up, back to the start
12Sept2004-36.jpg (41370 bytes)
We decide to go on another ride!!
12Sept2004-41.jpg (69130 bytes)
I think Charlie enjoyed it as I did
12Sept2004-40.jpg (62521 bytes)
Mummy controls the donkeys...
12Sept2004-39.jpg (65712 bytes)
....as Marga and Jose stroke them!
12Sept2004-27.jpg (62812 bytes)
Although it was freezing on Dymchurch beach 
12Sept2004-29.jpg (66479 bytes)
...we paddled in the water!
12Sept2004-28.jpg (77219 bytes)
 Charlie and I concentrate on digging...
12Sept2004-30.jpg (64653 bytes)
... we find big stones in the muddy water
12Sept2004-44.jpg (45678 bytes)
We climbed up the Martello Tower
12Sept2004-45.jpg (48511 bytes)
Alex counts down as we hide