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Children's Samaritans Run
25th September 2004

This year the Samaritans Charity Run was held in September.
The children's run was exciting!!! Our age ranged from 4 to 11 years old and
 we all took part in the 3 & 3/4 lapse race and we all did so well!!

It was rather cold but everyone had high spirits to win! 

Here I am (No 7), with my friends, Alexander and  Charlie, the youngest

25Sept2004-02.JPG (311835 bytes)
This is all of us taking part in the race

25Sept2004-01.jpg (90416 bytes)
We're all nervous as usual!

25Sept2004-49.jpg (70207 bytes)
Getting ready for the 3 & 3/4 lapse

25Sept2004-48.jpg (54098 bytes)
On your marks, get set, GO!

25Sept2004-08.jpg (66809 bytes)
First lapse completed

25Sept2004-10.jpg (73499 bytes)
I'm still going strong!

25Sept2004-09.jpg (72809 bytes) 25Sept2004-15.jpg (82333 bytes)

25Sept2004-19.jpg (71678 bytes)
Alexander drops out after 11/4 lapse

25Sept2004-18.jpg (76790 bytes)
I'm now on my 2nd lapse

25Sept2004-21.jpg (66915 bytes)
I've completed the 3rd lapse - Wow!!!

25Sept2004-24.jpg (70004 bytes)
One of the eldest boy completes the race

25Sept2004-27.jpg (77957 bytes)
There's a huge applaud as I approach... 

25Sept2004-28.jpg (65751 bytes)
...and manage to complete the race!!!

25Sept2004-29.jpg (73582 bytes)
Got to have some water!!!

25Sept2004-30.jpg (68085 bytes)
I think we deserve a medal

25Sept2004-33.jpg (70347 bytes)
Proud mum!

25Sept2004-34.jpg (80248 bytes)
Proud children!!

25Sept2004-31.jpg (67824 bytes)
A long rest....

25Sept2004-43.jpg (62770 bytes)
....before I join Alan to complete his race

25Sept2004-45.jpg (66516 bytes)
Nadine - the young female winner 

25Sept2004-46.jpg (73700 bytes)
The young boy shows off his trophy