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Playing In the garden
30th September 2004

After School, Mummy and I played football and as it was a
nice day we also took some pictures!!

This time, Mummy let me take photos too!

In the back garden with my football

Come on Mummy, this way!

30Sept2004-03.jpg (124633 bytes)
Tackle with me

30Sept2004-06.jpg (98002 bytes)
You can do better than that!

30Sept2004-05.jpg (81518 bytes)
New tricks with my football

30Sept2004-07.jpg (83188 bytes)
and wicked poses

30Sept2004-08.jpg (84277 bytes)
Front of the house

30Sept2004-10.jpg (97423 bytes)
Mummy relaxes by the Fuchias

I take a cool picture of Mummy - not bad eh?