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Dover Castle
18th August 2005

When my friend Melissa came over for the day with Cheryl & Ian
we went to visit Dover Castle.

The Wartime Tunnels was the best especially in the dark with the bangs!!

View from the Castle to the English Channel

2005-08-18-01.jpg (81182 bytes)
We all have a brilliant picnic on the cliffs!
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Dover Castle Entrance
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The Old Lighthouse is cool
2005-08-18-15.jpg (71022 bytes)
Inside the echo-vee Lighthouse
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Come on everybody, follow me
2005-08-18-05.jpg (72112 bytes)
Looks like the King's Throne!
2005-08-18-06.jpg (48916 bytes)
These spiral steps are wicked
2005-08-18-09.jpg (54582 bytes)
Got to check these BIG guns out!
2005-08-18-10.jpg (89274 bytes)
We enter the Secret Wartime Tunnels
2005-08-18-14.jpg (84841 bytes)
Communications Network - World War II
2005-08-18-13.jpg (49647 bytes)
The sunset is gorgeous
2005-08-18-11.jpg (59815 bytes)
Some time to play at the beach

All smile as Cheryl takes the picture!