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New cousins
28th August 2005

On Bank holiday we were invited to Mummy's uncle's house for lunch.
I met some more cousins as well as the usual, Nik and Anish.

Little Anika is gorgeous and growing bigger!

2005-08-28-03.jpg (59759 bytes)
Shivani and I try our best to behave!
2005-08-28-05.jpg (78589 bytes)
Shivani and Shreeya - so cute!
2005-08-28-01.jpg (62035 bytes)
Raksha and her baby, Anika
2005-08-28-16.jpg (76888 bytes)
Mummy's sister (she's a grandma)!!
2005-08-28-19.jpg (42897 bytes)
Tina with Anika
2005-08-28-18.jpg (72010 bytes)
Another cousin, Pinky who loves posing!!
2005-08-28-22.jpg (61461 bytes)
Mami and Nanima (Mummy's nan)
2005-08-28-02.jpg (69377 bytes)
Best of friends, Bhavna + Raksha
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2005-08-28-10.jpg (82925 bytes) 2005-08-28-09.jpg (70511 bytes)

Nik, Anish and Dylan - The Trouble makers!!