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Alexander's 7th Birthday
16th January 2005

Alexander celebrated his 7th birthday at the MegaBowl Club, Purley.
It was great to see my friends again and Wow we had such fun!

In the evening  Isobel and Bob invited us for dinner and
Bob cooked a lovely Indian curry - it was very tasty!

Charlie sings "Happy Birthday" to Alexander 

2002-01-16-14.jpg (37703 bytes)
The lady lights the 7 candles.....

2002-01-16-15.jpg (50729 bytes)
....as Alexander makes a wish

2002-01-16-25.jpg (48706 bytes)
Alexander blows the candles

2002-01-16-11.jpg (66906 bytes)
We enjoy our Nuggets and Chips!

2002-01-16-10.jpg (54907 bytes)
Smile everybody!

2002-01-16-12.jpg (52634 bytes)
Daniel and Bryce tuck in 

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Now we begin the serious game of Bowling........

2002-01-16-04.jpg (56474 bytes)
Mummy with her friends, Isobel and Jo

2002-01-16-13.jpg (44964 bytes)
What are they chatting about?

2002-01-16-30.jpg (30895 bytes)
Daddy watches the footie....

2002-01-16-26.jpg (46897 bytes)
While Marga and Liliana watch the bowling

2002-01-16-31.jpg (47189 bytes)
Jo explains to Daniel about the game

2002-01-16-28.jpg (45361 bytes)
Bob helps the boys

2002-01-16-29.jpg (53648 bytes)
Looks like it's Charlie's turn

2002-01-16-09.jpg (52109 bytes)
Right - here I go!

2002-01-16-02.jpg (66788 bytes)
Will it be a strike?

2002-01-16-03.jpg (60587 bytes)
No! Three more to knock down!

2002-01-16-07.jpg (66843 bytes)
Charlie bowls well

2002-01-16-20.jpg (62308 bytes)
Daniel tries without the ramp

2002-01-16-21.jpg (64246 bytes)
Bryce and I, are in the same team

2002-01-16-19.jpg (69201 bytes)
What's Daniel pressing?

2002-01-16-01.jpg (66025 bytes)
Patrick and I go again

2002-01-16-22.jpg (60306 bytes)
I'm going to get this one!!

2002-01-16-18.jpg (54047 bytes)
Alexander and I, are both winners!!!

2002-01-16-24.jpg (65326 bytes)
We're a great team

Here are the Strikers!
Dylan - Charlie - Patrick - Daniel - Alexander - Bryce