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At the beach
23rd January 2005

I'm going to hide from mum

2005-01-23-01.jpg (50026 bytes)
I've found a stick  

2005-01-23-02.jpg (56782 bytes)
I'm a monster!! 

2005-01-23-03.jpg (60474 bytes)
I will climb this tree

2005-01-23-05.jpg (51720 bytes)
come down here and look at the river

2005-01-23-08.jpg (51685 bytes)
What's this?

2005-01-23-07.jpg (64371 bytes)
Maybe I shall hide

2005-01-23-06.jpg (32616 bytes)
mummy and I take a short walk...

2005-01-23-10.jpg (72827 bytes)
....then relax at the beach

2005-01-23-09.jpg (53046 bytes)

2005-01-23-11.jpg (62793 bytes)
....then rock-climbing!

2005-01-23-12.jpg (52162 bytes) 2005-01-23-13.jpg (67535 bytes)

2005-01-23-14.jpg (46999 bytes)
Do I look cool?

2005-01-23-15.jpg (66710 bytes)
I'm going to disappear down here!

I find a friend and we both love the rocks