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Kent Valley
3rd January 2005

Shornecliffe Valley is so peaceful and is very good for walks, so
we decided to explore the area. It was very muddy but fun!

View to our house from the Shornecliffe Cemetery

2005-01-03-04.jpg (73924 bytes)
Look at those enormous trees!!

2005-01-03-02.jpg (55600 bytes)
Hey dad, let's walk down!

2005-01-03-01.jpg (43012 bytes)
Great views from the cemetery

2005-01-03-07.jpg (48617 bytes)
More woods and fields up the valley

2005-01-03-06.jpg (76442 bytes)
Houses down the Valley

2005-01-03-08.jpg (89086 bytes)
Mummy and I think it's very scenic

2005-01-03-12.jpg (65723 bytes)
The Canadian Cemetery is serene

2005-01-03-11.jpg (76173 bytes)
Daddy and I walk round the grounds

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This Valley is brilliant for walks

2005-01-03-16.jpg (116125 bytes)
Come on slowcoach!

2005-01-03-15.jpg (116701 bytes)
I am the leader and quite fast!

2005-01-03-18.jpg (78116 bytes)
Over the stile....

2005-01-03-17.jpg (89832 bytes)
.....don't get stuck mum!

Kent Valley - Daddy and I walk in the heavy muddy ground!