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School Sports Day
1st July 2005

Our Sports Day was really different in this new School.
We had collect as many points as possible for our teams by taking
part in different activities. These were all timed!!

Obstacles game - I jump high as I can

2005-07-01-05.jpg (50334 bytes)
under the hoops, easy
2005-07-01-06.jpg (79584 bytes)
Oscar leaps high
2005-07-01-20.jpg (107609 bytes)
Mrs Scott, the Deputy Head & teacher
2005-07-01-19.jpg (94837 bytes)
Oscar and I compare our points
2005-07-01-08.jpg (99754 bytes)
Hop Scotch in Hoops
2005-07-01-09.jpg (92439 bytes)
not my game really
2005-07-01-10.jpg (90990 bytes)
Hockey dribbling is timed
2005-07-01-11.jpg (81390 bytes)
I can do it
2005-07-01-02.jpg (82877 bytes)
Hoops in Chairs....
2005-07-01-03.jpg (77686 bytes)
....quite tricky!
2005-07-01-12.jpg (73971 bytes)
Javelin throwing is fun
2005-07-01-17.jpg (63974 bytes)
Isaac and our classmates with Mrs Parker

Mrs Parnell hands out the trophy