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Kearsney Abbey
10th July 2005

One very hot day we visited Kearsney Abbey and had lots of fun
on the stepping stones in the stream.
The picnic was excellent too and I had many races with mummy!

Mummy and I make it to the middle of the stream

2005-07-10-06.jpg (80169 bytes)
The big stone is safe
2005-07-10-04.jpg (109039 bytes)
here we go again
2005-07-10-08.jpg (98132 bytes)
A young boy lets us know of the wobbly stone!
2005-07-10-09.jpg (105403 bytes)
All the kids enjoy crossing the stream
2005-07-10-10.jpg (109499 bytes)
We're across at last
2005-07-10-13.jpg (143024 bytes)
I want to go back again
2005-07-10-15.jpg (143441 bytes)
so I head first
2005-07-10-14.jpg (146703 bytes)
We watch the fast flowing stream
2005-07-10-16.jpg (165111 bytes)
Hey dad, check this out - I'm in the middle!
2005-07-10-17.jpg (155274 bytes)
Mummy relaxes upon a rock
2005-07-10-18.jpg (139741 bytes)
I scramble to the top to daddy
2005-07-10-03.jpg (99887 bytes)
Daddy and I cross a little bridge
2005-07-10-23.jpg (158321 bytes)
I take a picture of my parents!
2005-07-10-21.jpg (127645 bytes)
I love my mummy
2005-07-10-22.jpg (121889 bytes)
so there!!

Anyone for a picnic, I'm hungry