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The Everest Inn
9th July 2005

We fancied eating out and again we were tempted to go to
The Everest Inn, but this time the food didn't taste
as good as last time!!!

2005-07-09-05.jpg (54873 bytes)
Better place the serviette
2005-07-09-02.jpg (47383 bytes)
The Gurkha's - Cheers!!
2005-07-09-04.jpg (50907 bytes)
Mmm - looks good....
2005-07-09-06.jpg (51650 bytes)
....not bad
2005-07-09-01.jpg (43374 bytes) 2005-07-09-09.jpg (37315 bytes)
2005-07-09-08.jpg (51232 bytes)
What does mummy think of her Jalfrezi?
2005-07-09-07.jpg (49897 bytes)
Daddy looks disappointed
2005-07-09-10.jpg (39701 bytes)
Never mind, can't go wrong with an ice-cream!
2005-07-09-11.jpg (38424 bytes)
Right daddy?