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Soccer Club - Finals
2nd June 2005

I wanted to go to a soccer club called JT sports for 3 days so
mummy let me go. It's the Finals Day

At the end I got an award and a gold medal 

2June2005-03.jpg (58098 bytes)
I am in my Crystal Palace t-shirt 

2June2005-02.jpg (81110 bytes)
We are waiting for our awards

2June2005-01.jpg (83236 bytes)
Everyone is bored in the Green Team

2June2005-04.jpg (83563 bytes)
This is my Green Team

2June2005-05.jpg (96814 bytes)
I am getting an award and medal at last

2June2005-06.jpg (78214 bytes)
I get a gold instead of a silver!!

2June2005-07.jpg (82250 bytes) 2June2005-08.jpg (69871 bytes)

2June2005-09.jpg (86901 bytes)
I'm pleased at last

2June2005-10.jpg (66702 bytes)
let's see what it says

2June2005-12.jpg (78518 bytes)
My friend and I compare the medals

2June2005-13.jpg (76979 bytes)
Time to go home

2June2005-14.jpg (87949 bytes)
Daddy takes a picture

2June2005-15.jpg (65594 bytes)
I'm the winner!!