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Dylan's 7th Party
25th June 2005

It's my 7th Birthday and I celebrated it at the Huff & Puff Play centre.
It was a wicked party and all my school friends came, along
with my best friend, Alexander.

Max and Jamie sing "Happy Birthday" while I make a wish!

2005-06-25-22.jpg (58398 bytes)
Charlie, George, Jesse, Oscar....
2005-06-25-21.jpg (52206 bytes)
...& Max +Jamie shout hip hip hooray!!!
2005-06-25-16.jpg (64578 bytes)
All the boys have a great laugh
2005-06-25-24.jpg (56095 bytes)
The twins and Isaac wait for the cake
2005-06-25-17.jpg (51400 bytes)
What's the secret?
2005-06-25-14.jpg (59429 bytes)
We all tuck into our delicious food
2005-06-25-13.jpg (54747 bytes) 2005-06-25-18.jpg (61950 bytes)
2005-06-25-15.jpg (55692 bytes) 2005-06-25-20.jpg (58282 bytes)

We had fun playing football at first then on the big slides and games

2005-06-25-08.jpg (64720 bytes)
My friend Jesse loves footie
2005-06-25-02.jpg (69397 bytes)
....I'm all geared up as a goalie!
2005-06-25-03.jpg (59290 bytes)
We're puffed out of this game
2005-06-25-09.jpg (60009 bytes)
Joseph and I talk serious business
2005-06-25-12.jpg (59189 bytes)
Wheeeee, this is great fun
2005-06-25-11.jpg (71015 bytes)
Alex and Oscar follow on
2005-06-25-10.jpg (66983 bytes)
Lara and Charlie seem to get on so well
2005-06-25-34.jpg (84929 bytes)
Joe thinks it's fun too