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Samphire Hoe
26th June 2005

The day after my party when my friends, Alex and Charlie
stayed the night, we took them for a long walk to Samphire Hoe
But before that Bob has a game of swingball!

Charlie's In goal. Dylan takes the penalty. Alexander's watching.

2005-06-26-02.jpg (86526 bytes)
Charlie and I are boxing

2005-06-26-03.jpg (84812 bytes)
The adults are relaxing!

2005-06-26-04.jpg (91338 bytes)
Isabal, mum and Marga

2005-06-26-05.jpg (75617 bytes)
Don't they look cool?

2005-06-26-06.jpg (87052 bytes)
Bob and Alex have a game of swingball

2005-06-26-07.jpg (83826 bytes)
I must do some boxing

2005-06-26-09.jpg (65575 bytes)
Samphire Hoe is a lovely walk

2005-06-26-10.jpg (69698 bytes)
Mum loves the cliffs so much!

Quesso!!! - why's Charlie in a grumpy mood?