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Parents Evening
10th November 2005

Mummy and Daddy came to see my School work and to have 
a chat with Mrs Scott. They were very proud of my work.

 I showed mummy my Pen pal's letter, who lives in France. 
His name is Antoine. I have written back to him too.

This is the Hall Way outside my classroom

2005-11-10-02.jpg (43764 bytes)
My classroom door and our coat pegs
2005-11-10-03.jpg (39929 bytes)
I wait patiently for our turn
2005-11-10-04.jpg (39598 bytes)
I have lost 4 teeth now!
2005-11-10-06.jpg (61220 bytes)
I show Mummy my work

Here's me playing around as usual- peeking through the round window!!