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Matthew's 4th Birthday
26th November 2005

It's Matthew's 4th Birthday and we went to their new house
to celebrate it. We played games and enjoyed opening
all the presents!

Matthew gives a big smile while Melissa holds the balloon up

2005-11-26-24.jpg (66083 bytes)
We sing "Happy Birthday"

2005-11-26-23.jpg (63874 bytes)
and Matthew blows the candle

2005-11-26-26.jpg (54063 bytes)
The Crazy Frog cake plays the tune!!

2005-11-26-02.jpg (56300 bytes)
Melissa waits for the snacks

2005-11-26-04.jpg (60687 bytes)
No broccolli today - Caroline tells us!

2005-11-26-05.jpg (64210 bytes)
Lovely chocolates

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