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Max + Jamie's 8th Birthday
27th November 2005

Max and Jamie's 8th Birthday was wicked!
They celebrated their Birthday at Funtastic Play Centre in Ashford

We had a great time together!

These are all my school mates - Jesse wears 2 hats on his head!

2005-11-27-04.jpg (46433 bytes)
Jamie smiles

2005-11-27-08.jpg (73016 bytes)
and Max grins as usual

2005-11-27-16.jpg (47893 bytes)
Jamie blows the candles......

2005-11-27-17.jpg (76706 bytes)
.....as Max makes a wish!

2005-11-27-15.jpg (56025 bytes)
My friend, Oscar gives me a hug

2005-11-27-13.jpg (54504 bytes)
Emma and the Twins Grandparents

2005-11-27-20.jpg (63341 bytes)
Kellen and Jesse are my great friends

2005-11-27-11.jpg (67068 bytes)
Emily and Oscar sit next to me

2005-11-27-06.jpg (64367 bytes)
What's Harry up to?

2005-11-27-03.jpg (49817 bytes)
Isaac and Emily

2005-11-27-02.jpg (63704 bytes)
Travis's hat is in the wrong place

2005-11-27-10.jpg (68230 bytes)
We all tuck into the delicious food

2005-11-27-12.jpg (76822 bytes) 2005-11-27-14.jpg (66905 bytes)