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Lara's 6th Birthday
4th November 2005

Lara's 6th Birthday was lovely. We had the usual party games 
and yummy food but her daddy provide the 
best Fireworks  Display!!

Lara can't wait to eat the cake!!

2005-11-04-16.jpg (59217 bytes)
Lara blows the "Happy Birthday" candles!

2005-11-04-15.jpg (55995 bytes)
Jean gives her a big hug

2005-11-04-19.jpg (53043 bytes)
We all play Top Trumps

2005-11-04-20.jpg (49942 bytes)
The girls seem to enjoy this game!

2005-11-04-04.jpg (54385 bytes)
Pass the Parcel with the girls

2005-11-04-05.jpg (58701 bytes)
It's Lara's turn to unwrap

2005-11-04-06.jpg (37968 bytes)
Joe waits for his turn

2005-11-04-07.jpg (50866 bytes)
but unhappy when the parcel passed him!

2005-11-04-08.jpg (40441 bytes)
Still unlucky Joe?

2005-11-04-09.jpg (53036 bytes)
Hey ho it's me!

2005-11-04-10.jpg (34495 bytes)
Musical Statues was great fun

2005-11-04-11.jpg (37017 bytes)
I think the girls loved dancing

2005-11-04-13.jpg (36346 bytes)
Chloe and I left at the end

2005-11-04-12.jpg (47421 bytes)
We dance on, but Chloe wins

2005-11-04-17.jpg (31910 bytes)
Time for the Fireworks

2005-11-04-18.jpg (28853 bytes)
they were awesome!

Joseph and I, the mischievous ones!