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Pirates and Smugglers!
14th October 2005

At School we were studying all about Sea and Smugglers, so
we were allowed to dress up on that Theme.

Obviously I went as a Pirate and Trevor thought that I looked the best!!
He's my Taxi Driver and he's such a sweet chap!

Trevor drops me home from School

2005-10-14-32.jpg (37775 bytes)
Don't I look mean...

2005-10-14-31.jpg (45477 bytes)
...just like a pirate smuggling goods!

2005-10-14-33.jpg (41548 bytes)
My Sword is so sharp...

2005-10-14-29.jpg (26968 bytes)
...and my mum made a wicked hat

2005-10-14-15.jpg (61201 bytes)
I'm Pirate Dylan

2005-10-14-27.jpg (64497 bytes)
and I'm cruel to anyone!

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