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Dymchurch Railway
15th October 2005

When my friend, Alexander and Charlie stayed for the weekend
we took them for a ride on the Dymchurch Light Railway.

We visited the New Romney Old Model Train Museum and that was awesome!!

2005-10-15-02.jpg (110940 bytes)
The driver reverses the train
2005-10-15-03.jpg (126886 bytes)
Its a very noisy, steamy train!
2005-10-15-17.jpg (83297 bytes)
All aboard - Daddy & Isabal look for seats
2005-10-15-07.jpg (83037 bytes)
We loved the ride on this train
2005-10-15-05.jpg (38770 bytes)
We naughty boys go at the back
2005-10-15-06.jpg (53357 bytes)
Isabal takes out some lunch
2005-10-15-18.jpg (63906 bytes)
Come on train, we are bored
2005-10-15-10.jpg (42434 bytes)
Hey - we are moving
2005-10-15-09.jpg (80941 bytes)
New Romney Old Model Railway Museum
2005-10-15-08.jpg (91007 bytes)
This place is amazing!!
2005-10-15-12.jpg (55325 bytes)
Mummy and Daddy look cool
2005-10-15-11.jpg (39939 bytes)
Bob and Isabal seemed to enjoy the ride
2005-10-15-14.jpg (71590 bytes)
Dymchurch Bridge
2005-10-15-13.jpg (67917 bytes)
Here comes another train
2005-10-15-15.jpg (48318 bytes)
I take a photo of this one - that's our train
2005-10-15-16.jpg (41202 bytes)
Journey back to our house