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Leeds Castle
16th October 2005

After Daddy had finished his 10K run at Leeds Castle for Cancer Research,
we obviously decided to visit the beautiful Castle.

The Maze was the best - we split up to see who could find the middle first!!
Finally we teamed up and reached it together as it was so difficult!!!!
Alex and Charlie loved it as much as I did!

2005-10-16-37.jpg (45577 bytes)
Leeds Castle with its moat
2005-10-16-38.jpg (61655 bytes)
Such a lovely view with its reflection
2005-10-16-36.jpg (46110 bytes) 2005-10-16-34.jpg (74137 bytes)
2005-10-16-03.jpg (68578 bytes) 2005-10-16-05.jpg (48880 bytes)
2005-10-16-04.jpg (80685 bytes)
The drawing Room with huge tapestry
2005-10-16-06.jpg (73739 bytes)
I'm in the library with 3.000 books!
2005-10-16-02.jpg (93537 bytes)
Massive Rhubarb leaves!
2005-10-16-08.jpg (82201 bytes)
Alex and Charlie walk towards the swans
2005-10-16-32.jpg (66154 bytes)
The Amazing Maze!!!
2005-10-16-33.jpg (61154 bytes)
It is so much fun in there!
2005-10-16-13.jpg (95407 bytes)
Hooray - we're in the middle of the Maze
2005-10-16-15.jpg (101505 bytes)
What's Charlie saying?
2005-10-16-12.jpg (98671 bytes)
Mummy and Isabel looking pleased
2005-10-16-14.jpg (98807 bytes)
so am I!!!
2005-10-16-16.jpg (98047 bytes)
The Grotto below the Maze is out of this world
2005-10-16-17.jpg (71085 bytes)
Can you see a face?
2005-10-16-18.jpg (95810 bytes)
Daddy, out of the Grotto
2005-10-16-11.jpg (121121 bytes)
Daddy thought this "hairdo" was funny!
2005-10-16-10.jpg (122571 bytes)
Daddy and Bob check out the Aviary
2005-10-16-09.jpg (123539 bytes)
Some fantastic Exotic Birds in the Aviary