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Go-Karting in Crystal Palace
17th September 2005

After our Samaritan's Run at Crystal Palace,
we spotted some Go-Karts and jumped at the chance of having a go!

It was brilliant experience for us - Alex, Charlie and I!!

Here I go, it's fast and wicked!

2005-09-17car-15.jpg (91628 bytes)
We try to race each other

2005-09-17car-05.jpg (73765 bytes)
Alex is just behind me so I'm second 

2005-09-17car-04.jpg (79127 bytes)
Here comes Charlie

2005-09-17car-03.jpg (79700 bytes)
Alex whizzes past, as I break down 

2005-09-17car-06.jpg (77705 bytes)
But I soon overtake him! I Go second again 

2005-09-17car-07.jpg (92535 bytes)
and try to go past Charlie

2005-09-17car-08.jpg (69583 bytes)
I've done it I'm First

2005-09-17car-09.jpg (73438 bytes)
now they're behind me

2005-09-17car-10.jpg (89605 bytes)
this is the best

2005-09-17car-11.jpg (88327 bytes)
we should have another go!

2005-09-17car-13.jpg (75229 bytes)
Daddy watches - he looks tired!!

2005-09-17car-12.jpg (71756 bytes)
Bob and Isabel reckon it was worth it