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Samaritan's Run - 2005
17th September 2005

This year The Samaritan's Run held another Children's Fun Run so
 obviously I entered it! I was over the moon to win 3rd place!

Thank you to all those who sponsored me - I collected at least 50!!

My Bronze Medal - 3rd Place in the Kids Run

2005-09-17-47.jpg (77314 bytes)
Getting prepared for the run!
2005-09-17-03.jpg (92108 bytes)
Whistle blows - we're off!!
2005-09-17-59.jpg (41174 bytes)
2nd lap - I'm taking my time
2005-09-17-09.jpg (79258 bytes)
The big boys on their 2nd lap too
2005-09-17-10.jpg (70282 bytes)
Alexander on his 2nd lap
2005-09-17-17.jpg (68289 bytes)
along with Meghan
2005-09-17-16.jpg (77634 bytes)
Approaching the 3 lap
2005-09-17-49.jpg (66161 bytes)
Finishing Line - I just win Alexander!

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The Winners of the Children's Samaritan's Run

2005-09-17-34.jpg (76726 bytes)
1st Winner - 14yrs old
2005-09-17-33.jpg (65896 bytes)
2nd Winner - 11yrs old
2005-09-17-50.jpg (83603 bytes)
3rd Place - Dylan,7yrs old
2005-09-17-52.jpg (48984 bytes)
Very proud of my medal!!

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2005-09-17-42.jpg (82977 bytes)
Alexander and Charlie having a race
2005-09-17-43.jpg (83900 bytes)
And there he goes again!

Joseph - Leela - Lara - Kiran - Meghan - Dylan - Alexander - Charlie